Slamming like a good pistol whipping, the return of Vermont's first deathgrind group has proved to be a violent force. Hailing from Central Vermont, Infantiphagia has reformed after a five year hiatus with fresh material for a bone crushing full length.

Shortly after New Year's 2007, founders Dain Gosbee and Alexandre Gosselin were working on material for Wayne Knupp's new project Ruthless Beatings. Then in March after parting ways with the Ruthless Beatings camp, Alexandre and Dain promptly resumed the Infantiphagia name, releasing Hollow Point Eulogy with the full intention of putting the death metal underground in a chokehold.

During a meeting with some local musicians, Dain heard about Scott Hommel's abilities on bass and quickly approached him about joining. After a successful practice together, Scott joined the group on bass. Looking to complete the live band line up, the group began looking for a second guitarist. After many discussions, they decided to contact long time friend Dan Reynolds about taking the position. Once in contact, Dan easily fit in with the progressive and experimental style the band was looking for. However the group was still in need of a full time vocalist. Deciding to try a shot in the dark, they contacted Matti Way, long known for his pioneering work in death metal. After hearing the newly recorded material, Matti agreed to fill the position for vocals thereby completing the full group line up.

Utilizing polished technical skill and unique atonal slams, the upcoming album "Closing the Casket" will be unlike anything in existence. Having previously shared the stage with major players including Skinless and Wasteform, the group is gearing up for live performances in the fall of 2007.

Current Lineup